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Rhona and Frank Ehrlich Make Gift in Wills to NYU Langone in Thanks for Saving Rhona's Life

Photo of Rhona Ehrlich, Anthony J. Grieco, MD, and Frank Ehrlich
Photo of Rhona Ehrlich, Anthony J. Grieco, MD, and Frank Ehrlich

Rhona Ehrlich built her career in advertising and marketing in the newspaper field—first for Gannett Newspapers and later landing her “dream job” as advertising director of El Diario-La Presna, New York’s oldest Spanish language daily.

Her husband of 50 years, Frank, was born in Germany and grew up in Italy and Chile before moving to New York City in 1958. For 35 years, he was the president of a multi-national furniture import company. He has visited and worked in 34 countries and speaks five languages. His family tree includes Dr. Paul Ehrlich, who won The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1908.

The Ehrlichs are “so impressed with the excellent care we received from doctors at NYU Langone,” that they have made a bequest in their wills to support the Division of Geriatrics Medicine. “It gives us such pleasure,” says Frank, “to know that, some day in the future, the Division of Geriatrics Medicine, its geriatricians, and their patients will benefit from our philanthropy.”

“I am eternally grateful to NYU Langone for having saved my life,” says Rhona. “In 1986 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My care was entrusted to Dr. Robert Porges, who rushed to schedule me for the first available date for surgery. I healed quickly, and it was determined that no post-operative radiation or chemical therapy was needed because the large tumor had thankfully remained encapsulated.”

They especially appreciate their primary care physician, Anthony J. Grieco, MD. “His joy of life has enveloped us all with his warmth and intelligence,” says Frank.

“Once you have benefited from the excellent services at NYU Langone, read their publications, and become aware of their exciting research and innovative procedures for the well-being of patients,” he concludes, “it becomes evident that an expression of appreciation is in order.”



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